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Engaging diverse participants, institutional leaders, government officials, and business professionals to inclusively define problems, opportunities, goals, and action; securing and managing resources; coordinating staff, volunteers, and partners in the implementation of projects and initiatives; delivering innovative solutions to complex problems. Major project and program development, execution, and evaluation; major site, community, and industry strategy; business plan development and evaluation; grant writing; contract negotiation; and organizational governance.


Scenius Strategies – 2013 – present


  • Strategic planning, economic development program development, management, and evaluation
  • Small business development, including:
  • Cooperative business development and conversion technical assistance
  • Special projects management, including:
  • Real estate development management and owners’ representative services
  • Grant writing, program and proposal evaluation, and compliance monitoring
Prior to 2013:
Battelle Memorial Institute
Economic and Policy Consultant, TEConomy Partners:
  • Innovation and technology commercialization strategy in advanced materials, biotechnology, and environmental management as a principal consultant
  • Regional and statewide development strategic planning
  • Research, economic analysis, and coordinate project reports
  • Client and stakeholder relations
Heritage Community Initiatives, Braddock, PA
VP Community and Economic Development:
  • Developed the Mon Valley Environmental & Innovative Training (MOVE IT) program to attract a total of $2.0 million in US EPA and DOL funding to train 240 participants in green job skills
  • Developed  “Community 2.0”, a community capacity building program using “state-of-the -shelf” social networking technology for community collaboration
  • Founded the Mon Valley Business Roundtable to address business owner concerns and opportunities
  • Led a multi-municipal forum of civic leader volunteers, elected officials, academic partners, and business leaders to address common issues, opportunities, and challenges
  • Building facilities management and planning
  • Led government relations efforts to identify and secure grant opportunities and to broaden support
Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh
Senior Development Specialist:
  • Managed the design, legal, financing, tax credit, and construction or urban affordable housing projects
Allegheny County Department of Economic Development
Project Manager:
  • Coordinated 11 development projects served and supported by local, state, and federal jurisdictions
  • Managed strategic planning, environmental assessment, legal process, acquisition, occupant relocation and site work for 270 development site parcels in four brownfield and post-industrial redevelopment areas
  • Secured and managed a $12,500,000 project funding portfolio
  • Coordinated staff, intern, and consultant selection, task forces, public meetings, and presentations to government bodies to facilitate public consensus-building, project execution, and monitor progress
  • Initiated project partnerships with university researchers, community volunteers, and project stakeholders to explore development, governance, and social policy improvements and their implementation
  • Built sustainable development practices into project processes
Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh
Graduate Intern
  • Devised financial models for the development of complex real estate projects
  • Assisted the Executive Director in identifying and securing project funding and investment
Allegheny County Department of Economic Development – Business Development Division
Project Manager Intern
  • Assisted the Deputy Director and Business Development Manager with industrial site development
  • Worked in areas of finance, site planning, contract administration, public policy formation, government process, department administration, interdepartmental cooperation, and project development
Gaydos Building & Restoration, Founder/Owner – Pittsburgh, PA
  • Led approximately 30% annual growth from business formation to stable operations
  • Conducted business from project conception, design, negotiation, and organization to completion for projects
  • Managed multiple simultaneous projects, marketing, and customer relationships, averaging $100,000 in size
  • Regional and community publications that have featured my work include Pittsburgh Magazine


Business, Community, and Economic Development Strategy Consultant
  • Pittsburgh Chamber of Cooperatives – 2014 to present – Co-founder and Manager
  • Urban real estate acquisition and development – 1992-present
  • Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation – Pittsburgh, PA – strategic business plan – recommended action in progress
  • The Community Builders, Inc. – Pittsburgh Office – Assisted in the creation of a workforce development program for housing development residents
  • Breachmenders, Inc. – Pittsburgh, PA – Analyzed the operations and procedures of Breachmenders’ housing development programs;
  • Troy Hill Citizens, Inc. – Pittsburgh, PA – Coordinated major construction and business development projects


Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
Heinz College, School of Public Policy and Management
Master of Science in Public Policy and Management
W.W. Cooper Merit Scholarship Award
US Department of Housing and Urban Development Fellow

University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, with Honors

University of Oslo, Norway
University of Pittsburgh Nationality Rooms Council Award
Study in International Relations at the Peace Research Institute of Oslo toward BA degree

University of Vienna, Austria
Austrian Government Scholarship
Study in International Relations toward BA degree


Board of Directors

The Keystone Development Center is a resource for cooperative business in the Middle Atlantic region

NEW SUN RISING – 2014 – present
Board of Directors, Social venture coach
New Sun Rising is a 501(c)(3) organization that identifies and supports fresh, creative solutions to social problems that are more effective, efficient and sustainable than existing efforts.

Prior to 2015:

The New Economy Working Group, a project of the Thomas Merton Center, facilitates coordinated action by the many organizations in and individuals in the Pittsburgh region to develop sustainable economic activity creating shared value among communities, employees, and business owners alike. Strategic action includes public education and advocacy events, capacity building, and supporting new economy demonstration projects

Citizen Diplomat
 Frequent host and tour leader for international professional delegations        

Advisory Board Member
Providing strategic partnership input and advice for a program that educates students on the autism spectrum for advanced digital media and computer competency

International Technical Assistance Cadre Member            Project pre-andpost-evaluation
Braddock Rotary Club President
Pittsburgh East Rotary Club President

Group Study Exchange

  • Program Chair
  • Team Leader to the Patagonia region of Argentina

Explored the affairs, assets, challenges, and opportunities within and between major institutions and issues areas in the Pittsburgh region through interaction with the leadership of Pittsburgh’s education governance, non-profit, and business organizations.


Alumnus, Emerging Leaders Program
Member, Emerging Leaders Program Advisory Committee


Parent School Community Council Representative
Represented the school community to the Board of Public Education

  • Advocated local schools’ needs and concerns to the School Board and Superintendent for positive action.
  • Convened community leadership that resulted in dramatically improved community support for and capital improvements to Colfax Elementary School