100 Years in America! First Homes …

The family of Janos and Szusanna Milyocsik (mill-o-chik) Gajdosovci (guy-dohsh-ov’-its-ah) arrived in the uptown neighborhood of Pittsburgh, on a plateau overlooking the Monongahela River.

After a few years in Uptown/Soho, they built  a house at 671 Margaret Street in Mount Oliver. They changed their name to Gaydos.


Unbeknownst to them (for a while, anyway), the Robbins family from Wales were living on Quincy Avenue, just a few blocks away.


George Gaydos and Esther Mae Robbins met, got married, and “TU!” (Slovak for “voila!) started establishing  homes around the South Side Slopes one after another!

First on Transverse Avenue in Mount Oliver.


Then on Suncrest Street in Carrick…


Before joining the parade to the suburbs and settling on Nantucket… Drive that is.


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